Saturday, September 22, 2018

Google Adsense payment not issue

Google Adsense payment not issue. Today is 21 of month Google Adsense payment not issue. what can i do my Google Adsense payment not issue. many people are asking this question that today 21st of the month but my Google Adsense payment not issue that why today we are going know what is problem behind it how we can solve this
Google Adsense payment not issue

so lets start i know  lots of adsense publisher are new in this program and want to make money many people reached there threshold which 100 dollar   and now the time is 21st of the month but payment not issued that why lots of  people worried about that why my adsense payment is not issue than there are many things arrived for giving the answer of this question

Google Adsense payment not issue 

lets start by explaining all of this answer one by  one

  1. first one is that google have lots of publisher account around 3 billion that why its take time to issue it  as per  google guide line google send adsense money if you account reached to the payment threshold than the amount will be send to you on 21st of every month if you are making money every moth now we will take the example for explaining it suppose you earn money in your account 50 dollar than in month of  June than 50 dollar is added in your balanced amount because you not reach the payment threshold now the time to know when will google pay at that time you will reached in July month and you will earn 50 dollar than this  amount will added in august month to the balance section now  you reached your payment threshold than google will pay you 100 dollar on 21st of august 
  2. now the time to know why google delay to send money on 21st or Google Adsense payment not issue than let start google have 3 billion publisher account that why some time it will take time to issue the payment and you also know that google will issue money only at night b/w 10:00 pm to 12:00 pm in some cases google faced  some technical issue while sending the money that why its take time the time period for  sending money is 21st to 26th of every month without including holidays and week off 
  3. there is also an another processes if your  Google Adsense payment not issue than you will wait for the 26th of every month if Google Adsense payment not issue if again payment was  not issue than you will wait for 3rd of next month  date which means if your payment not realse on 26th of july than you will wait for 3rd of august is again Google Adsense payment not issue than you will wait  for next date 21 of next month but most probably the payment was issue on 3rd of date because on that date new payment will update in the balanced section thats why previous payment released
Note :- if you are making some invalid activity in your Adsense account than google will scan it on 21st  of ever month before issuing the payment if they are found any type of invalid activity than you account has been disable and payment will not issue 

i hope we are cover lots of things which important for the topic of Google Adsense payment not issue